Query for freelancer:: Rescue Lifetype content?

Query for freelancer:: Rescue Lifetype content?

Postby esa_dan on Thu Oct 17, 2013 3:02 am

I have a small project that would interest a freelancer.

We have a LT install containing 4 separate blogs, ea with anywhere from tens to hundreds of posts. It's now offline, but still accessible via FTP or we can mail a DVD image.

I need all the post content extracted from ea blog and inserted into a new, corresponding blog set up in WP.

((NO hatred for LT here!! Our client decided to switch to WP for other reasons...)).

Don't hesitate to reply with contact details & your website/reference link...

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Re: Query for freelancer:: Rescue Lifetype content?

Postby jondaley on Thu Oct 24, 2013 10:46 pm

I haven't been checking the forums very often lately, sorry about that.

I am swamped with work, but I have written some scripts for this sort of thing before, so I might have time for it.

Probably you should private message me your phone number and let me know your timeframe.

If you were interested in coding it yourself, I think I published my lifetype export code on the forums previously. I don't think I've ever imported it into wordpress. Though actually, now that I think about it - I think someone wrote a wordpress importer, and published it here as well.

It is probably for an older version of LifeType and WordPress, but it might still be fine, or at least close...
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