One of many blogs on same server whacky

One of many blogs on same server whacky

Postby Mischa on Thu May 17, 2012 8:10 am

Here's a fantastically strange phenomenon.
On my server, i run many lifetype blogs.
The most recent one ran for a few months, but now it has whacked out.

It gives a 404 whenever you click any link to other posts, categories - any other internal link on the first page.
Webserver logs just gives a plain 404-page not found.
Seems as though the internal engine just doesn't process...

I repaired and optimized tables in phpmysql, cleaned cache - yes, admin interface works, can write new articles, etc - but i can't seem to get the blog ticking.

Any ideas?
Edit: My bad!
I accidentally deleted that site in Apache, added it back, and FORGOT to make sure the
Code: Select all
AllowOverride All

was set in Apache for that site.

O well, I will keep this post here, in case somebody makes my mistake =)
Using lifetype-1.2.12 pretty standard config
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