Blogsy for ipad

Blogsy for ipad

Postby tonymasiello on Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:06 pm


I was curious if anyone has been able to successfully post to a Lifetype blog from the ipad app Blogsy? My wife wants to use this to post to our blog, but I have not had any luck trying to piggyback on any of the other platforms that are officially supported.

I was able to enter in the account info and have it be recognized by using Joomla, MoveableType and IBMConnections using a URL of the form;

From there, I compose a short test article and attempt to post it, but I have not had any success. It is odd, because from my Flickr account I have this setup using the Wordpress setup that Flickr provides. This works fine from Flickr, but I'm guessing it uses standard XML-RPC commands and the Blogsy app is using something proprietary. Trying to connect using Blogsy's Wordpress settings causes the app to crash.

If anyone has had any luck using this app, I would appreciate any tips at all...

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Re: Blogsy for ipad

Postby marcotics on Sat Apr 14, 2012 6:32 pm

I have no experience with any app trying to post to Lifetype, but have you tried or thought of using just email to post, using the moblog plugin? And if that doesn't suit your needs, i find the Lifetype Admin loads pretty well on a smartphone. If it loads on a smartphone, it will certainly load on a ipad. You don't have to give her full access, create a acount just for her, give her the needed rights within Lifetype to post new posts, and she can't mess up any settings. All from the standard browser.
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