Integrating: Displaying most recent posts

Integrating: Displaying most recent posts

Postby meltdown2 on Thu Sep 23, 2010 8:26 am

Installation of my blog went without a hitch. However, my attempts to integrate the most recent posts into my existing website have been unsuccessful.

Question: Where in the admin do I find my blog ID? (That right there could be the root of my problems)

I have followed posted integration instructions (, however, all I see when I view that page online is the php script itself. Should I be placing the script inside some kind of container?

The name of the folder in which the Lifetype installation sits is: blog. Therefore I set my PLOG_CLASS_PATH to /blog/

Thanks for whatever helpful hints you may be able to provide.
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Re: Integrating: Displaying most recent posts

Postby jondaley on Thu Sep 23, 2010 8:46 am

The sample code given needs to be in a file called something.php. If it already has a .php and you are still seeing the code, that means your host doesn't support php, or it needs to be turned on or something - you'll need to ask your host about that.

Your blogId can be found by hovering your mouse over the link to your blog on the dashboard, where it says "login here", or "click to login" or something. The X in the "blogSelect=X" is the number you want. If you have the dashboard turned off, you could also get the blogId by looking in the database (blogs table) or under "administration->blogs" and clicking on the blog link, and seeing what number is in the URL.

Your PLOG_CLASS_PATH can't just be /blog, unless that is really where you installed it - this is a filesystem path, not a webURL, so probably your path is something more like: /var/www/blog or /home/username/www/blog or something like that.
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