Can someone explain plugin version proper use to a LT newbie

Can someone explain plugin version proper use to a LT newbie

Postby cfrances on Fri Apr 25, 2008 11:39 am

Read the new security email that was posted on the forum, supposed to be for 1.2x version before 1.2.7 but since I was having piplinefilter error :!: with php files, i followed the specifications to delineate what files could be uploaded.

I also deleted the entire plugins folder and reuploaded it, that solved the php read error for piplinefilter, but am viewing previous emails that determined the plugin versions were not updated therefore the error occurred. I do not wish to continue to re-upload plugins folder thus ruining all of my work, but when I view the list of plugins there is no version specified generally in readme.txt or elsewhere, just date of development.

CAN someone assist to state what plugins are available for the newest release 1.2.7_rxxx for LifeType? I am a new user, and REALLY LIKE the interface, backend ease of use, etc... and would like to use plugins but dont know how to properly proceed. I know there is a version check in the system, but the crash probably wuold occur anyway using the upload and processing the php files before checking for version compatibility (previously did not have a chance to employ plugins before the pipelienfilter error occurred with php read).

Thanks for any help, maybe I should post this elsewhere on the forum as well
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Re: Can someone explain plugin version proper use to a LT newbie

Postby jondaley on Fri Apr 25, 2008 12:22 pm

I an not understanding what you are saying. Plugins that worked on earlier versions of 1.2 should continue to work on 1.2.7.

What pipeline error filter were you getting, and was that prior to 1.2.7?

Any plugin that is downloadable from in the 1.2 folder is available for 1.2.7.

The file version check only works for core files, not plugins. The plugin version check that has started to be implemented isn't used by any plugins yet.
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