Probleme d'installation

Probleme d'installation

Postby Loic350 on Sat Aug 16, 2008 3:29 pm


Je voudrez savoir que signifie tout cela ici : car je n'arrive pas a installer et sa marche cmt le safe mode il faut le désinatller ou l'installer mais comment faire.

Et apres a la 2 eme étape je fait quoi car j'ai tout rentrer mais le préfix je sais pas comment sa marche car apres a la 3 eme étape il me marque : Table 'Loic350_.config' doesn't exist.

Est LifeType est t'il completement en francais ou pas.

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Re: Probleme d'installation

Postby jondaley on Sun Aug 17, 2008 5:27 pm

LifeType works fine in French (though I don't, so I'll answer in English, as you'd probably rather get a faster English answer than a slower French one - I am not sure how often French readers answer stuff on this forum).

Did you edit the prior to running the wizard (you aren't supposed to).
What did you put as your prefix? I wonder if mysql either doesn't support a character that you used (or doesn't support it with whatever locale it is being accessed with). Leaving the prefix as the default of "lt_" is safest. I suppose even safer is to remove the '_', though I don't think that is a real problem.
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