free thoughts

free thoughts

Postby italian_user on Sat Jul 28, 2007 5:18 am

Good morning.
I don't need help, today.. :oops:
but I wanna talk to you about somethings..

I'm asking myself about the possibility to insert video and audio in the blog.
You don't have fear that people can insert copyrighted materials ?
We can't monitoring all blog in our LT!!
And You? What about it?

Safari compatibility
I use mac, and I'm sorry about the not compatibility of LT with Safari.
(I have to use Firefox Mozilla)

I'd like to know your setting! 'cause I'm not very expert!!

- General -> trackback_server_enabled
I set "no", 'cause long time ago (LT 1.1?) I have been invaded from spam in the trackback. So, I set "no".
Now, with the new spam-filter in the LT 1.2.4, there is less spam?
...and You? How set it?

- RSS > default_rss_profile
I set "RSS 0.1"
And You?

- Security
- allow_javascript_blocks_in_posts
I set "no", but I don't undestand this setting. How do you set it?
- maximum_comment_size
I disabled this with "0".... and You?

- resources
in order now, I set "0" (illimited), but I'm thinking to set "50Mb"... What do You think?

Thanks for your kind reply.
good week-end!
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Re: free thoughts

Postby jondaley on Thu Aug 02, 2007 9:28 am

italian_user wrote:Copyright

I haven't cared about this.

Safari compatibility

I think phunkphorce uses Safari, at least sometimes, and he is usually surprised (if I am remembering correctly) when people say it doesn't work.


anything in particular?

General -> trackback_server_enabled

I turned it off at one point as well, but I now have it back on and haven't had any trouble.

RSS > default_rss_profile

I set it to the highest number - I don't know enough to know the difference.

Security - allow_javascript_blocks_in_posts

If you allow javascript in posts, and have malicious users on your system, they can mess with the summary page. That is all this setting protects.

- maximum_comment_size - I disabled this with "0"

I did as well.

- resources resources_quota - in order now, I set "0" (unlimited), but I'm thinking to set "50Mb"... What do You think?

You are probably going to run into the server-wide setting for uploads before a LifeType restriction will take effect, so it probably doesn't matter.
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