Congrats on 1.1!

Congrats on 1.1!

Postby blacksnday on Wed Sep 13, 2006 7:12 pm

Just wanted to stop in and say hello and let you all know what I have been up to.

When I left Lifetype(called pLog back then!) to start my own project
I knew that I would never fully leave and that I would always still
recommend Lifetype over any other Blog Software.
Proof of above statement here

I still check in often(although I dont log in or post) to stay up to date with all that is happening!

I would like to also thank the LifeType team for giving me the inspiration
and advice for my own Blog Coding Project that is a fork of my main project
but slowly turning into the main project :p
Oscar! I still laugh at the code I had originally developed over a year ago and sent to you in email to preview. Man... how much I have learned and changed!

How has LifeType inspired me?
My Blog code is 1 main file(handles all articles/comments display and etc), with several others that 'Build' the blog and then others to 'Secure' the blog.
Which I got that idea to build it that way by browsing through the hundreds of LifeType class files!
I have been very pleased with the ease of creating a multiple blog system
and honestly suprised with how easy it has been so far!

And remember how I hated the Smarty Template System?
Now that I got my own project and understand it,
I use and see all the glorious benifits of Smarty :D

And yea, I made a friends system for my blog, although while coding it
my brain was so scrambled because of how tricky it can be using loads of JOINs ANDs in one statement :D

Well, thats all for now.
Glad to see 1.1 is out and great work!
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