Plog (LifeType) to WordPress Importer

Plog (LifeType) to WordPress Importer

Postby Twisted on Sat Mar 18, 2006 10:42 pm

Hello again all, I know I haven't posted in here for ever, but I just wanted to post about this because it relates to Plog (LifeType). :) Someone at the WordPress forums, came up with this Plog (LifeType) to WordPress Importer. 8) :)

I'm not sure how well it works or whatever, but I heard alot of good feedback about it at the WordPress forums. :) Anyways, here's some info on it and a link for the download.

* Description : pLog to Wordpress importer
* Author : Dan Rooke - dan [at] sarzeau [dot] net
* Date : Weds 01/02/06
Files: - plog.php

Description: Import posts, post categories, comments, links, link categories and users from pLog (Lifetype) 1.0.1 to Wordpress 2.0. Not tested on other versions.

1. Extract file plog.php to wp-admin/import directory of your Wordpress installation.
2. Run importer through Wordpress control panel!


No warranties are given, use at your own risk.


Let me know how it works for you..good luck..and thanks.

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