$$$ -- Custom LifeType Plugin Request

$$$ -- Custom LifeType Plugin Request

Postby simitpatel on Mon Nov 07, 2005 5:53 pm

Hello LifeTypers,

I am looking for a member of the LifeType community to create a custom plugin; I looked around on the boards to see if it was already done, but to the best of my knowledge it has not been done yet, so here I am. I am happy to pay for the plugin's development and release it to the community for all to use, extend, and give feedback on. :)

The specs for the plugin are as follows. If you are interested, please PM me with the following:

1. your paypal address
2. your requested quote
3. how long you expect the project to take
4. any other useful info about you or samples of your work

Essentially, I am just looking for a plugin that allows lifetype administrators to add custom fields to all blogs. you'll notice this request is similar to some stuff that has already been done; i'm just looking for something that is cleaner and more flexible. perhaps you can build upon what has been done though. i refer you to the following threads:


Essentially, there should be an page in the admin panel that reads " default entry page" that allows admins to modify the default blog entry page for all bloggers going forward.

The page should essentially be a form that allows admins to add custom fields to all blogs. The form should allow admins to specify the all the necessary parameters of the fields:

1. Field Name -- this is the HTML name for the field

2. Field Display Name -- this is the displayed name for the field.

3. Field Type -- should be a dropdown with the options of what type of field it is: text; text area; upload; checkbox; radio; single select; or multiselect.

4. Select Values -- if checkbox, radio, single select, or multiselect are selected in the field above, this field should appear (preferably an AJAX type thing, although not require if that's not your strong suit) to give people the option of specifying what values they want. it should be a textbox that allows values to be separated via carriage return.

5. Upload Field Parameters -- if upload is selected in the "field type" field (see #3), this field should specify what file types are accepted for upload. image files (jpg, gif, png) should automatically be displayed inline. a field to specify max file size should also be listed. since this is a conditional parameter based on what has been selected in #3, an AJAX type thing would be cool, although not required if it's not your strong suit.

once created, the default entry page should be capable of being modified as well. if a default entry page is edited after a bunch of blogs have been created and are being used, the edits should apply to all blogs going forward (no need to modify older ones).

sorry for the long post -- just wanted to make things clear :). if you're interested, please PM me with the info specified earlier. if you have questions, please reply to this thread.

ideally the developers should be able to host the development of this plugin.

thanks for your time and consideration! :)
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