function getRecentArticles return also "welcome" a

function getRecentArticles return also "welcome" a

Postby hierro on Thu Jun 14, 2007 10:03 am

Hi, I think that the function getRecentArticles used in the blog home must return only the articles writed from the user and not the automatic welcome article.

The modification to do is the following:
In the class/summary/dao/summarystats.class.php change the query in this way (row 232):
Code: Select all
         $query = "SELECT AS id, a.blog_id AS blog_id
                 FROM {$prefix}articles a,
                      {$prefix}blogs b
                 WHERE >= ".$this->_startTime." AND <= ".$this->_now."
                       AND a.blog_id =
                       AND b.status = ".BLOG_STATUS_ACTIVE."
                       AND a.slug not like 'welcome'
                       AND a.status = ".POST_STATUS_PUBLISHED."
                     AND b.show_in_summary = '1'
                     AND a.in_summary_page = '1'";
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