List/Link Global Categories in Sidebar

List/Link Global Categories in Sidebar

Postby lolotrgeek on Tue Aug 23, 2011 7:48 pm

I have searched the forums trying to find a way to list and link the global categories in the sidebar so that when one of the global categories is clicked it brings up a list of all the articles in that global category (similar to the existing article category system). Here is the code that I have attempted to use in the "footer.template" without success:

Code: Select all
{foreach from=$globalcategories item=globalCategory}
<li><a title="{$globalCategory->getName()}" href="{$url->categoryLink($globalCategory)}">{$globalCategory->getName()} <abbr title="{$globalCategory->getNumPublishedArticles()} {$locale->tr("posts")}">[{$globalCategory->getNumArticles()}]</abbr></a></li>

Any help/suggestions are appreciated,

Thank you
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Re: List/Link Global Categories in Sidebar

Postby jondaley on Fri Sep 02, 2011 11:35 am

sorry that i didn't see this before.

You probably should take a look at the categorybrowser plugin and write one that is similar. You could also do it without writing SQL by using the dao classes, and arguably, that would be a better way.

For that, you should probably look at the summary.php code (or rather the class/summary/* code that references the global categories.

The function to get a list of all categories is here:
class/dao/globalarticlecategories.class.php: getGlobalArticleCategories()

Once you have the category ID, then you can use the class/dao/articlecategory.class.php function on that to get the articles that you care about.
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