gravatar plug-in on fblue template

gravatar plug-in on fblue template

Postby newtech1 on Fri Mar 06, 2009 12:13 pm

I have the gravatar plug-in working on all templates, but it will not work properly on the fblue (edited and original) template . I have tried to get it to work on various blogs using the fblue template.

What is happening is the gravatar is not showing up on the page, even though when viewing the html code, the link is there.

And yes I have gravatar turned on.

Here is the live page:
http://winnersdontquit.christianblogsit ... n-new-post

Here is the html code
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<div class='commenttext'>
<img src="" alt="administrator" width="45" height="64" align="left" hspace="3" /><br/>
<img src=";gravatar_id=8d9bef2728815cb2d1ffc0aed76023eb&amp;;size=30" width="30" height="30" align="left" />
<p>test to see if gravatar will show up</p>

The following is the gravatar code that is inserted in the postcomments which should be correct since the html code of the actual page shows the gravatar link.
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<div class='commenttext'>
            {if $comment->IsPosterAuthenticated()}
             {assign var=poster value=$comment->getUser()}
             {if $poster->hasPicture()}
               {assign var=posterimg value=$poster->getPicture()}
               {assign var=commenter value=$comment->getUser()}
               <img src="{$posterimg->getPreviewLink()}" alt="{$commenter->getUserName()}" width="45" height="64" align="left" hspace="3" /><br/>
{if $gravatar->isEnabled()}
<img src="{$gravatar->gravatar($comment)}" width="{$gravatar->getSize()}" height="{$gravatar->getSize()}" align="left" />
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Re: gravatar plug-in on fblue template

Postby jondaley on Wed Mar 11, 2009 8:49 am

Your link no longer works.
And it doesn't look like that gravatar exists. ... eb&size=30
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