How to do this kind of customization

How to do this kind of customization

Postby yihect on Fri Jan 14, 2011 2:05 am

I'm a newbie to lifetype. Now I have a customization idea on my installed lifetyp version of 1.2.10.

I want to show somthing in stand template, like show a picture in head.tmplate if the blog's user set one config option to ON in his/her config page, and don't show anything if he/her set the option to OFF.

To achieve such results, what should be done??? Create a plugin which can let the user set ON or OFF of a option??? and expose that option into the header template??? How to do it? Is there some example to refer??? Thanks.
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Re: How to do this kind of customization

Postby jondaley on Fri Jan 14, 2011 3:59 am

I answered your other very similar question, but I also thought of maybe the TagCloud plugin is a good example for you. It has various settings that are set in the administration interface and then used in the template.

You might be able to simplify your template code by not having:

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{if $myplugin && $myplugin->isEnabled}
  {if $myplugin->getSetting()}
    show one thing
    show another

But, instead, put the logic into the plugin (and be a good model-view-controller programmer), and have:
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{if $myplugin && $myplugin->isEnabled}
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