TagCloud problems

TagCloud problems

Postby Djay on Sat May 24, 2008 1:02 pm


I just installed the tagcloud plugin (http://wiki.lifetype.net/index.php/Plugin_tagcloud) on my blog and i have somes questions.

:arrow: how the words of the tag are generate ? Cause there is not a input text (or something) where to add a list of tags when the blogger publish a new post.
:arrow: Is it a tagcloud about a blog in particular or can the tagcloud be call in the summary home page (and generate for all blogs) ?
:arrow: i activated the plugin (plugin_tagcloud_enabled) and put this code on the footer.template of template/standard/

Code: Select all

But it dosen't work :(

Thanks for your help (and sorry for my english)
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Re: TagCloud problems

Postby jondaley on Sun May 25, 2008 9:55 pm

I think tagcloud might not do what you want it to. It automatically reads your posts and makes a cloud of the top words that it finds in the last X posts. You can adjust the settings, blacklist certain words on the configuration page, either under "manage" or "control center", I don't remember. My web site uses it, so you can see a sample of what it looks like. Plugins don't work on the summary, but you could probably modify the plugin to search site wide, rather than just a single blog pretty easily. I haven't checked for this plugin, but usually it is just a matter of using a "-1" for the blog id, wherever it is running the queries. I guess you also have to get the tag to be generated any time anyone makes a post - that might be harder. I suppose as long as you have the -1 set, it will sort of waste time generating it for every post, rather than doing some better caching or something, but it would probably work.
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