Environmental Blogs

Environmental Blogs

Postby lifelineearth on Mon Jun 18, 2007 2:27 pm

Check out my environmental blogs at:


There are 3 different blogs:

Renewable Energy / Environmental Issues / Automotive

All can be seen in the header. I ended up modifying and making my own version of a template using Patricia Muellers Connections as a base. I had to have something to work with the effects and graphics of the main site. It went pretty smooth.

I was going to offer anyone to use what I came up with by uploading it to the lifetype site, but currently there is something wrong with the form as it only allows logins not to create a new user.

If you want to use my automotive template here is an exact location on my server you can download from: This of course it minus my logo for the blog in the animated Gif header. Use the contact form on my site to let me know and I'll send the link.
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