0.3.2-beta3 released

0.3.2-beta3 released

Postby phunkphorce on Mon Jun 14, 2004 4:44 pm

Beta3 is out :)

http://www.lifetype.net/index.php?op=V ... ta3.tar.gz

- Fixes the problem with the summary script crashing
- MagpieRSS (used as the built-in rss parser) updated to 0.61 which can now handle Atom feeds
- The resource server (resserver.php) now reports the correct size of the file we're downloading
- Some of the methods used by the new summary script (such as most read articles, etc) can now be optionally cached to speed up the queries. Set summary_use_cache to '1' in the plog_config database table to enable caching.
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